The main function of this machine is clean the seeds received from production site before it is fine cleaned The Seeds and grains have lot of dirt, inert matter, reject material, stones, dust and plant parts when it is harvested and threshed.

To clean it partially it is fed to Per Cleaner where it is cleaned at high speed separating all unwanted material like light chaff, kadi, katli, sand, soil, infested seeds, immature seeds, under size seeds, over size seeds etc. so that the Fine Cleaner can do its basic function of Fine cleaning and proper size grading.



The function of this machine is to clean and grade the seeds and grains. Per cleaned seeds are further cleaned and properly size graded by Fine Cleaner. Only good quality seeds can give good crop and similarly good quality grains that can be used to produce food material for human consumption.

To make this possible, it uses the principle of screening and airflow to remove the unwanted material. The machine is electrically powered to operate at desired speeds while maintaining quality.




It is a very useful machine to separate seeds or grains of same size but different in weight.

Usually seeds or grains do not develop in a uniform manner and hence some seeds are light and some heavy in weight. Non-uniform developed seeds do not germinate properly and thereby reduces the output of the farm.

The gravity separator separates such seeds into three fractions, uniformly heavy seed, rejects seeds and moderately developed seeds. The machine blows air through a mass of seed traveling from one end of the deck to another. The deck, a wire mesh bed vibrates the seed and causes stratification of seed into light, medium and heavy material.

An AC variable Frequency drive with an AC motor controls the deck vibration so that proper vibration of seed separates the heavy from light accurately.




The function of this machine is to remove stones from the grains and seeds. When seeds and grains are harvested in the field, usually mud particles and small stones get mixed and form almost 5 to 7 per cent by weight.

Accurate setting of this machine can remove most of the stones with ease. Machine is powered electrically and driven by a motor. An AC variable Frequency drive with an AC motor controls the deck vibration.




Vertical bucket elevators are required to connect the individual machines. The elevator feeds the machines continuously.

They are powered by geared motors so that required feeding is always maintained. These are fitted with single belt on which PVC Bucket are fixed to feed the material and avoid seed damage.




These are special elevators where we have to lift two different grades of material and feed at different places. In this machine two belts are provided with PVC bucket and have two way discharges valve so that material can be delivered at desired place by spout pipe.




This is the Star product of our group. Nobody in India is manufacturing the machine other than us.

This machine has almost 20,000 Stainless Needles and does a wonderful job of separating cotton seeds. Cotton is a cash crop of the Indian agriculture. Many farmers around the country sow cotton crop and hence quality of the cottonseed is most important.

Needle Sorter is one of the important machines in cotton seed processing. It separates the “Pin Hole” seed and cut seed from the lot of averagely processed seeds. The removal of pin hole seeds and cut seeds enhance the quality of the processed seed.

Pin hole seed and cut seed form almost 5% to 7% quantity in the seed lot. The machine is also used for Okra seed cleaning.

Now, we are working on a project where the Needle / Pin Sorter will be used to clean the Sales Return Seeds and by using a Bulk packing machine it will be bulk packed before stacking.




These are different capacity bins for storage of material fed by elevator so that even feeding is ensured on Gravity / Destoner deck for proper separation.

Also a final Packing bin is provided in complete Plant layout where final finished seed is stored before it is stored in bag in storage godowns.





This system is given to extract dust coming seed received from fields due to mud particles. There are few points in complete layout of a plant from where we can collect the dust generated and send it outside plant, making the plant dust free.




For De linted cotton seed / one year old Bajra seeds this machine is very useful for cleaning and removing the light immature seeds, dust, infested seeds. Very low power consumption and best result is achieved in this machine.




This machine is developed by our company to extract the seeds from ripened Tomato fruit. The fruits are fed in the hopper which feds it through auger to crusher assembly. Fruit is crushed and upper pulp is separated by rotating blade in upper drum from juice whit seeds. The juice with seed passes through SS perforated round sheet in to lower drum. Here also there is round SS perforated sheet to separate the juice and seed from each other.

Machine has adjustments for crusher depending upon fruit size to crush it perfectly.

All main contact parts in SS with heavy supporting structure and separate mounting structure for 5 HP Hand operated Diesel Engine. Foundation for electrical motor is also provided on MS structure for operating machine by electrical motor in case of availability of electrical power. Electrical motor can be provided if required at separate additional cost.

Cleaning of machine is also very easy. Just open upper and lower drum outer covers. Open side Flanges fixed in 3 nuts for upper and lower drum. Machine is ready for cleaning. Pour water from hopper end and clean the machine.

Capacity- 2 to 3 Ton per hour.




This is a Vertical Model Dryer in which the surface moisture given to seeds during the seed coating / treatment is removed and seeds are brought to original moisture content level before seed coating/ treatment. No Overheating is done to avoid the germination % loss of seeds.

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